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Mission Statement/Vision Statement

  Vision Statement

W     Working smarter not harder

C      Constant focus on teamwork

F      Follow through with huddle, case conference, cross training, communication and mission

D    Dental family that is active in community and strives to make patients feel welcome while working      together with "dental team" to create a dental home for all


Mission Statement

To hold true to our mission, we will continually strive to better ourselves through knowing and understanding our patient's needs.  We aim to treat each and every one of our patients as a part of our dental family.  We will achieve our mission by routinely aligning ourselves through daily morning huddles, regular case conferencing, continuous cross training, good communication and a constant focus on teamwork.  Annually, we will make arrangements and set a budget that will allow us to gather in an all day conference, together as a team, for a fun educational learning experience.  Each team member will set personal and professional goals for the year, share those goals among the team and be held accountable so that we are constantly improving and aligning with our mission.

   Created and Upheld By Dr. Phuoc M. Tran, Dr. Lindsay Smith,

and West Chester Family Dentistry Team