Implant Course

Course Title: Lateral Wall Sinus Lift and Bone Graft

Location: Implant Seminars and Implant Dentistry Education in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Topic: Diagnostics and Treatment Planning the need for Sinus Lift and Bone Graft when placing Maxillary Dental Implants

I love dental surgery. The new cone beam 3D x-ray technology we have at the office has provided us with the ability to place dental implants for most of our patients. The mandible or bottom jaw is very straight forward. Once we locate the nerve the runs through the bottom jaw we can use the Sirona Software to virtually place the implant. However, on the maxillary arch there is much more anatomy that can be in the way. The sinus floor for example. During this course I learned how to identify when the sinus floor would need to be lifted to place a dental implant. We lift the sinus floor, place a bone graft using the patients plasma rich protein which provides better success. I feel confident after this course in now placing implants on both arches. I have the ability to give patients and ideal treatment plan. I am excited to have this as a ideal treatment plan option for patients.

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Dr. Tran

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