Teeth Express

Course Title: TeethXpress

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Topic: TeethXpress immediate load functioning teeth placed over 4-6 Dental Implants

TeethXpress is a very exciting alternative to dentures. Once a person loses their natural teeth to extensive restorative needs or gum disease they lose 80% of their natural chewing function. Dentures of old would help a patient look better but can be the start of declining  health. If you can not chew food properly and are swallowing food in larger pieces it starts causing problems with digestion, nutrient absorption and this can lead to conditions like acid reflux. With the supporting implants under a hybrid denture the patient is given back almost natural function. The hybrid also becomes fixed and not removable for more support.

During this particular course we discussed the ability to give patients back not only their smile but function as soon as the day of surgery. I will apply what I learned to patients of West Chester Family Dentistry by being able to give them ideal treatment options. This way patients can maintain their overall general health by having a functioning close to normal oral cavity.

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Dr. Tran

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